After all these months of being closed, I have to say we are very excited. And very nervous. It feels like its six years ago, when I first opened the doors.

As you all know, I have changed the decor a few times over the years and I cant wait for you all to see my mini refurb. I hope you all love it as much as I do. It has kept me busy over lockdown, coming to the shop everyday for a few hours has given me something to do everyday, otherwise I would  have gone a little crazy. I am sure some of you can relate!! A big thank you to Archie, Lyle and Max, our social distancing/bubble days of painting and cleaning have finally come to an end. I wouldn't have managed without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

All I can say is I look forward to seeing everyone, please be patient with us, we all have to adjust to our new normal. We still have social distancing in place which we have to adhere to.

I have reduced the menu and have also reduced our trading hours. This is temporary and once we get back to normal we will introduce the "new" menu and extend the hours back to the "old" days.


So. in short please bare with us but we cannot wait to welcome you back!!


nikki xx

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